Leanne’s Guacamole

I LOVE guacamole and avocados. Seriously, if I could put avocado on everything I would.

I took at series of basic cooking classes at Publix last year. One of the nights we made guacamole and until then, I really had no idea how easy it was, and with so few ingredients.

Here is my version of the recipe, which has been a big hit with my family.

Hope you like it, too.



2 – 3 Haas avocados (Haas avocados have much more flavor than other varieties.)

Salt (don’t oversalt!)

Red Pepper flakes (use per your taste)

½ small Shallot, finely diced (red onion is a great substitute)

Garlic powder (2- 3 shakes)

¼ fresh lemon or lime


Blend all together, squeezing the lemon juice on last.

Ingredients for Guacamole

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