Frozen Yogurt Bars

I’m grateful I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Unfortunately for me, I’m much more of a salty, crunchy, carb girl. But I still enjoy that little bit of sweetness as a night-cap before bed.

My latest favorite dessert of the day is the Yasso Frozen Yogurt Bars. I’d never heard of this product before and just stumbled on it while grocery shopping. The mint-chocolate chip flavor is so GOOD and at only 100-calories it’s almost guilt-free.  My previous favorite frozen treat was Weight Watchers Snack Size Fudge Bars, which are still a delight, but I just needed to break the monotony.

Yasso was created by a young couple from Boston just a few years ago, according to a story I read. They were craving something healthy to eat and experimented their way to creating Yasso.

The bars sell for $4.79 a box, with 5 bars per box. A little pricey at nearly $1 per bar, but they’re often on sale so I make sure to stock up then.


If you like Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies, you’ll almost certainly fall in love with the Mint-Chocolate Yasso Frozen Yogurt Bars.


Disclaimer (not needed): This is absolutely my own opinion. I did not receive any products and payment for this review.

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